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Getting closer to December, not only means entering the coldest months of the year but also reflecting on the year 2018. The process of reflecting is vital to take the the first steps in creating an amazing year ahead before anything else. I believe that a simple reflection can help us to gain insight, learn about our experiences and see how to move forward.

I will be using this space today to reflect on the meaning of collaboration as this has been a year of new professional connections and rich creative collaborations. So what makes collaboration work?

Based on my experience, good collaboration is based on trust and the inner freedom that arise when you come together. Good collaborators are deeply attuned to one another. At some point, I felt as I could understand and anticipate my partners state of mind without direct discussion.

There is something key in the process of collaborating with another individual: by focusing on the different skills of our partner we also support and balance our partner, instead of competing at the same tasks. We are different individuals after all. We all have different styles, experiences and backgrounds and this does not mean that one is better than the other. When collaborators are able to acknowledge their inner diversities, there is space for diversity of thinking, perspective, and knowledge. This is a safe space for creative freedom and mutual trust which inevitably take over the fear of competing with one another. Also, merging and separating at different phases of the work has helped me and my collaborators to keep identities and energies intact.

The point is that your collaborator is not someone to be threatened by but someone who fosters a creative, receptive, ripe mindset in you and can help you develop it! When collaborators understand and trust one another deeply they can make great things or make great things happen!

My latest collaboration with Silvia Salvia Limone has brought to life to a food article supported by a visual story which has been featured on Volume 1 of Table Magazine. We couldn’t be more proud of this project!

Silvia and I, in collaboration with our colleague Antonella from Pinterest Clinic, have also developed a Masterclass on Visual Branding and Social Media Strategies, which will take place in London on 27th January 2019. I will write about this masterclass in another post but in the mean time please feel free to click here for more information.

Thank you for reading this post. I would love to hear your thoughts on creative collaboration. Drop me a line!

Catia xx

Winter Panzanella  and Spinach pull apart bread by  Catia Lemmi  and  Silvia Bifaro

Winter Panzanella and Spinach pull apart bread by Catia Lemmi and Silvia Bifaro